Weather Advisory: In inclement weather, this chapter follows the Wake county public schools closings.

Who we are:

The Compassionate Friends of Wake County is a support group that is comprised solely of bereaved parents. Our group is a chapter of the world wide organization: The Compassionate Friends. For more information about The Compassionate Friends, please visit their website at We are a self-help group of parents who have suffered the unimaginable grief and sorrow that accompanies the death of a dearly beloved child. This loss is so profound and can be so totally overwhelming that many people have found some comfort in meeting and talking to other fellow bereaved parents. There are no dues or fees. We are a non-denominational group and welcome everyone. Our group is diverse in that we, as individuals are all very different, and our children have died at different ages of different causes, but we share the common bond of losing a child. We meet twice a month in Raleigh to listen, share and give support in a nurturing and confidential environment. All adult members of the grieving family are invited. You may also have a supportive friend attend with you.


We put out a monthly newsletter and have a small library of books that may be checked out. We honor our children by remembering each and every one of them on their birthdays and anniversary dates. There is an annual candlelight service that is held during the holidays in conjunction with all of the chapters throughout the world.

Meetings and Location:

We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. We have a new location and will no longer be meeting at Our Saviour Lutheran Church. Our new meeting place will be Hayes Barton Baptist Church, at 1800 Glenwood Ave., which is located in the Five Points intersection in Raleigh. The church sits on Glenwood Ave. and Whitaker Mill Road. You need to get on Whitaker Mill Road to access the parking lot. Then, enter the main entrance to the Family Life Center which is attached to the back of the church. After you enter the building, you can get directions from the person at the front desk, or take the elevator up to the second floor. Until further notice, we will be meeting in room 224. Please follow the sign posted on the reception desk.

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